Rigel Voice

Inbound SIP Services

We provide unlimited inbound SIP Trunks that cover over 90% of the United States. Our platform provide advanced routing options to meet any business needs. Rigel Voice maximizes the uptime of your business VoIP system by actively finding highest quality path available for each call. Adjustable routing intelligence provides you with capability to manage and track calls with granular control.

Inbound call channels can be unlimited so that you do not need to worry about capacity. With variety of billing options you can choose just what suits your business needs.

Getting started was never this easy. Just purchase new phone numbers or bring your existing phone numbers to us. Your phone numbers will be accessible from anywhere and will be delivered to any VoIP device connected to the public internet.


Outbound SIP/International calling

Gone are the days of paying for lines you aren’t using. With our VoIP outbound service you can make as few or as many calls as you like any time of day.

We ensure top quality by delivering outbound call audio over the shortest possible path. Outbound SIP channels are unlimited and you only pay for the minutes you use. Strict fraud controls protect your usage from unwanted intruders from your network.

Toll Free Phone Number

A Rigel Voice toll-free number means others can call you for free.

Choose from 888, 877 or 866 toll-free area codes. Calling is free to your number from the U.S., including Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada. Our toll free numbers are guranteed to be the cheapest or we will beat any price by 10%. Rigel Voice offers best toll free numbers with great rates, exceptional service and a quality connection.

Local Phone numbers

With nationwide phone number coverage in the US and Canada, We help you keep your relationships local. Open the door to new markets and new opportunities with our local phone numbers (also known as DDIs, DIDs and virtual numbers). Customers like doing business with companies in their own region and are seven times more likely to call a local number than an international one.

You can add new numbers to your account instantly, or port in your existing phone numbers to us.

Other VOIP services


With our Enhanced 911 (E911) service, you can easily attach a US or Canadian address to any number you own, making sure emergency services knows where to send help as soon as your call comes in.

  • The largest E911 coverage in the US and Canada
  • Eliminate dedicated 911 trunks
  • No more managing Emergency Location
  • Identification Numbers